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April 23, 2011
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   Glorianna of Berg has always heard stories about an ancient magical tree—the Ora-Ara— which can transport those who touch it to another world, though she's never once believed them to be true. Until the year she turned sixteen that is. Living with her grandparents due to circumstances, Glorianna awakens one night to the melody of a flute; she follows the tune into the woods behind her grandparents' house and discovers that they weren't just telling stories.
   Due to touching the tree, Glorianna is whisked away to Shire, a land full of magic and secrets and spells. There she learns that the country is at war between the witches--who have taken over-- and the elves. Along with dragons, fairies, and prophets--who have split up between the two groups.


Glorianna: human
Hair—brown, mid-back
Clothes—dusty-red skirt over black cotton pants; light yellow shirt; black slippers
Family—Mama Nore, Papa Lou
Story—while living at her grandparents' house due to circumstances, she hears a flute playing one night and ends up following it into the woods behind their house and is transported to Shire—a world filled with magical creatures. She later learns how to use a sword from Ikka and disbelieves that she holds the key to ending the war.

Cletto: full-elf
Age—300yrs(appears to be around 27)
Hair—light-grey, full-back
Clothes—tanish-brown witch-like hat, cloak, pants, shirt, and boots
Weapon—uses elfin magic
Story—started a residence against the witches who took over Shire. Throughout the base, there are rumors that his family once served the king, before the witches seized control, and he fights to regain that position.

Grey: half-elf
Age—250yrs(appears to be around 23)
Hair—silver, mid-back
Eyes—dark purple
Clothes—black shirt; dusty-red pants; black boots
Weapon—elfin magic; uses bow and arrows to hone power
Family—none; though he considers Cletto and Sharon-Kade as siblings
Story—lost his entire family to a sickness caused by dark fairies when he was a kid(around 60, 70yrs—about 7 or 8); he didn't meet Cletto until 50yrs(human time: around 10, 11yrs) after that, at which he proved himself worthy and became Cletto's second. Rumor has it that he fights only to avenge the deaths of his parents and brothers, due to the fact that he mostly goes after dark fairies.

Sharon-Kade: half-elf
Age—112yrs(appears to be around 10)
Hair—light-grey, high ponytail
Clothes— white dress with blue trim over light blue pants; light blue slippers
Weapon—elfin magic; uses a flute to hone power
Story—she is Cletto younger sister and remembers next to nothing about her parents—who were killed. Cletto has told her much about their mother, but little about their father; she wears her hair in a high ponytail and uses a magical flute to hone her powers in hopes of copying her mother's image. There are rumors that she and Cletto are father and daughter rather than sister and brother due to her strong resemblance to him and their mother.

Jacob: human/prophet
Hair—brown, shaggy
Clothes— white tunic; brown pants; sand-colored sandals
Weapon—any that happen to be lying around and 'sight'; uses a necklace to hone 'vision'
Story—he was rescued by Grey after his village was destroyed by wolves when he was twelve and has been living with the resistance as the only human and prophet; he is fiercely loyal to Grey and uses any weapon when necessary, but rarely goes into battle.

Tillie: fairy
Age—57yrs (since she's small she sounds like a child, but is roughly 17 in Fairy Years)
Hair—fiery orange, ponytail
Clothes— orange sleeve-less shirt; skirt made out of brown leaves; no shoes
Weapon—can ask Nature for aid; has healing powers
Story— joined the residence after Sharon-Kade found her half-dead and nursed her back to health; she and Shoran-Kade are best friends and she often call Sharon-Kade by a nickname—Sharon, mostly. She has a deep fear of witches and a strong dislike for dragons; she's the head nurse of the infirmary, due to her strong healing powers and tends to be somewhat of a busy-body.

El-mino: fire-dragon
Age—700yrs (appears to be around 32 when in human form)
Hair—black, mid-back
Eyes—dark purple
Clothes— black dress when in human form, stops at her knees; no shoes
Weapon—fire and lightening
Story—she was found injured in the mountains by an infiltration group for the resistance after escaping from Ira's castle; she has the power to change her form to that of a human's and uses that form more often than not. While in human form she is either relaxing or in a weakened state, her dragon form she uses for defense only as she become rather huge; her dragon body is completely black and her eyes a purple so dark they appear ebony. She doesn't trust witches at all and hates all fairies.

Ikka: ice-witch
Age—247yrs (appears to be about 19)
Hair—white, mid-back
Clothes— light-pink dress with silver trim that stops at her knees; white boots
Weapon—witch's magic; ice daggers, ice sword, and bow and arrows of ice
Story—she's a fugitive witch, she ran from Ira's castle after she learns that her brother was killed by Bricks and she and her twin sister, Brelm, are both under loyalty spells. She is found by Jacob while hiding in the woods a few miles from their base; she had no knowledge of it being there, and is saved from being killed by Glorianna. After explaining her situation Ikka is allowed to stayed and fight with the residence, but only 'until she shows her true colors.'


Ira: witch
Age—300yrs(appears to be around 22)
Hair—dark blue, full back
Clothes—shin-length black dress, with slip; black heels
Weapon—witch's magic
Family—none; though she considers her two black cats family
Story—she took over Shire for unknown reasons and declared herself queen, also making the land home to all and every witch. She is easily considered the most powerful of witches and also the most beautiful.; she's ruthless and heartless in battle. She has two twin black cats as her familiars and often uses then to spy on others throughout the castle, to make sure no one has plan to betray her. She is deeply in love with Fuahns, her vampire knight and uses aging spells to look younger. When she finds outs that Fauhns falls for Glorianna, Ira makes her, her main target.

Brelm: fire-witch
Age—247yrs(appears to be about 19)
Hair—pink, mid-back
Clothes— silver dress with light-pink trim that stops at her knees; pink boots
Weapon—witch's magic; fire daggers, fire sword, and bow and arrows of fire
Story—she is Ira's second and Ikka's twin sister; she doesn't know that her little brother was killed by Bricks, having been told that elves did it, nor is she aware that Ikka and she are under loyalty spells. She was told that the reason Ikka left the castle was because she went on a mission to spy on the elves and learn what they're planning. She fiercely loyal to Ira, but whether it's of her own accord or because of the spell Ira does not know.

Fuahns: vampire
Age—350yrs(appears to be about 25)
Hair—brown, low ponytail
Clothes—black cloak, shirt, pants and boots
Weapon—bats and sword
Story—he is Ira's lover and protector, and claims to love her with all him heart; however he ends up betraying her when he 'falls in love' with Glorianna the first time they meet. He's been with Ira since she first took over and often tells her that once they win the war he'll marry her and they'll live together as man and woman, not just queen and knight. He hates elves completely and talks of either eliminating them for good or turning them all into slaves. Bricks is his cousin.

Bricks: vampire
Age—340yrs(appears to be around 23)
Hair—dusty grayish-white, mid-back
Eyes—dark red
Clothes—dark green velvet dress that goes past the knees; black boots
Weapon—black butterflies and poison gas
Story—she's head of infiltration and search groups; often uses her butterflies as trackers and spies. She's in love with Fauhns despite him being her cousin and is jealous of his relationship with Ira.


Mama Nore: human
Hair—thinning blond, bun
Clothes—light orange sweater; white shirt; light blue pants; brown loafers
Family—Papa Lou, Glorianna
Story— she is Glorianna's grandmother and Baba Lou's wife; she often tells stories of a mysterious and very mythical 10thousand year old tree, called the Ora-Ara. She is very kind and caring and loves her husband and granddaughter; she is sick and lives in a cozy house in the country.

Papa Lou: human
Hair—graying brown
Clothes—dark green sweater; white shirt; brown pants; brown loafers
Family—Mama Nore, Glorianna
Story—he is Glorianna's grandfather and Mama Nore's husband; he owns a milling company in the city, but moved he and his wife to a country home after she became ill, saying that the fresh country air will help with her lungs and extend her life some. He loves Nore and Glorianna mightily and often talks of spirits and ghosts.

Carlie: human
Hair—brown; long, curly, mid-back
Clothes—school uniform: brown skirt, white shirt, dark blue jacket
Story—she's been Glorianna's best friend since grade school and met David and Anne at the start of middle school. She lives with her older sister, Emily, who is going to school for fashion and design.

David: human
Hair—dirty-blonde; shaggy
Clothes—school uniform: brown pants, white shirt, dark-blue jacket
Story—he's been friends with Glorianna, Carlie, and Anne since middle school; though he's a year older. He lives with his older cousin, Jordan, who is in collage for architecture.

Anne: human
Hair—auburn; Shirley-Temple-curls
Clothes—school uniform: brown skirt, white shirt, dark-blue jacket
Story—she's been friends with Glorianna, Carlie, and David since middle school. She lives with her mother, who is a journalist.
These are the charaters for a story I'm currently writing; called Glorianna

Inspiration: came from a few anime/manga I've seen/read :) bet you can't guess which ones! :laughing:

=D Tell me what you think!
:X But be polite!!!
:) Enjoy

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SoupyAssassin Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh look at all of this!

I read every bit! Have you ever heard of a game called Dragon Age? This reminds me of that a bit actually. A very "Wizard of Oz" type story too. Very cool!

I think it should be a story.

But I only say that because I have a dislike for plays.
Yuki-chan112093 Apr 26, 2011  Student Writer
gg, i haven't heard of that game sorry; and i was righting it as a play, but then i stopped...the beginning of how i want to start it is much better suited for on-stage, but as the story goes on an on-paper approuch would be better; you're thoughts on my perdicament?
SoupyAssassin Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think anything written as a play can be adapted to story. It'd be a bit difficult maybe, but if it reinforces the whole story, you should do it.

Maybe you could try something new for the beginning of the story? Like... when I start stories off, I like to start in the first person, or very close third person, and experience the world and everything happening from a single perspective. I feel, its more immersive and lets people worry about the details a bit later.
Yuki-chan112093 Apr 27, 2011  Student Writer
hm, i've never really written a story in the 1st know what? i'll try it! thanks :)
SoupyAssassin Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its a lot of fun! I like to start off with the person trying to figure out where they are and what's going on. Let the reader experience things AS the person thats experiencing them. Put the reader INTO the world. There's a lot of potential for the reader to learn and imagine and feel the world that way.
Yuki-chan112093 Apr 29, 2011  Student Writer
i know what you mean; everytime i read A Northern Light (greatest book in the world!!!) it's like i'm watching the movie, the images are so vivid!
SoupyAssassin Apr 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've never heard of that book before!
Yuki-chan112093 Apr 30, 2011  Student Writer
...........does not compute.......
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